Luis Becerra Solis



Luis is a professional software engineer with experience in:

  • container virtualization and orchestration
  • cloud-native application design and development
  • continuous integration and deployment
  • configuration management
  • agile software development

His professional interests primarily involve software development, specifically for education, music visualization and playback, and digital reading platforms. His professional roles of interest include mid-level to staff software engineer in application development or DevOps and platform engineering.


Luis graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Science and Computer Science. While at university, Luis completed projects across different disciplines, including:

  • prototyping a smart home system for college dorms
  • simulating fluid dynamics for coastal concrete structures
  • prototyping an RFID-activated car door for ride-sharing fleets
  • analyzing and visualizing global climate datasets
  • researching political effects of racial tensions in France
  • measuring and mapping school and food access in NYC
  • developing an application for simulating rail network delays

His academic interests naturally include the intersection of urban planning and computer science, for example using computer vision to measure visual stress across different built environments, or attaching accelerometers to bicycles to measure the quality of bike path infrastructure. Luis is also interested in linguistics, specifically studying syntactic structures and the universality of grammar across human languages. Finally, Luis is also interested in electronic music composition, especially using experimental methods.